Heartwarming / Tru Calling

  • Tru and Davis being protective of each other in episode 9. Tru makes sure Davis is safe in case she fails the mission and Davis is clearly worried about her.
  • In the episode "Closure" Jake realizes Tru is not a nurse like she pretended to be.
    Jake: You're not a nurse, are you?
    Tru: How do you know?
    Jake: You must be some kind of angel
  • Another one in the episode "Closure" when Brigit and Jake reunite
  • In the episode "The Getaway" Davis admitting to Tru that he worries about her everyday when she's on a mission and telling her to keep the medallion that he gave her that day.
  • Harrison advising Lyndsey to say yes to the guy who wants to marry her. Harrison was hoping to make things work with Lyndsey but realizing that the guy is genuine, he puts his feelings aside so she can be happy.
  • In "T'was the night before Christmas again" Tru inviting Jack to her Christmas party.
  • Tru helping her family out during a "do-over day", this happens frequently so it shows how much she cares for them even when she's busy.
  • Tru's job in general, she gives people a second chance.