Characters / Tru Calling

The characters of Tru Calling. Please note that there are major unmarked spoilers below.

Tru Davies: Tru is the main character of the show. As a child, she was a witness to her mother's murder, and wishes she could have gone back to change things. Well, that's what this show's about. On the cusp of becoming a medical school student, Tru develops the ability to travel back in time one day. But only when a corpse asks for her help; she has no control over when this will happen. She then tries to use everything she knew up until that moment to save the life of the person who asked her for help.

Davis (his middle name, but no first or last name was ever given): The head doctor of the morgue where Tru works. He slowly reveals the fact that he knows about her abilities, and becomes her main helper on days when she goes back to help people. Painfully shy around women would be a forgiving description of Davis's interaction with most females, and he's not too comfortable around men either.

Harrison Davies: Tru's little brother. Something of a screw-up, particularly at the start. He's a gambler, con-artist, low-level crook kind of a guy. Tru tries to watch out for him and keep him out of serious trouble. He's the only family she's close to. She eventually convinces him of his powers.

Meredith Davies: Tru's older sister. A lawyer with a drug problem that she says she's kicked, but Tru finds evidence otherwise. Tru's not particularly close to her, but she does try to keep an eye on her. Put on a Bus towards the middle of first season.

Lindsay: Tru's best friend. She acts as Tru's anchor in a normal life: dating, reunions, etc. Put on a Bus at the end of the first season.

Jack Harper: First introduced mid-first season as a new hire at the morgue; Jack picks up bodies and brings them to the morgue for processing. However, it is slowly revealed that he has powers similar to Tru's; whenever she goes back, so does he. Unlike Tru, Jack does not believe that the people who ask for her help should be helped, that it is his job to make sure that the people who died that previous day die again. Jack becomes the main villain of the series, obstructing Tru's mission to save people. Jack frequently speaks of the consequences of screwing with fate's plan, but he is never particular clear on what those consequences actually are. The last two episodes of the series start to suggest certain consequences when Tru starts using/abusing her powers to save the life of someone who didn't ask for help.

Richard Davies: Tru's father. After Tru's mother was killed, he married someone else and became an absentee father to his first children. In the middle of first season, he reveals that before she was killed, they were going to get a divorce. Tru's mother had been distant, rushing off to do strange things at various hours. In short, everything that Tru was doing to save people's lives. However, we find out that he actually hired a man to kill Tru's mother. At first it looks like the standard adultery/marriage breakup motive, but at the end of first season we discover the truth. That Tru's father was her mother's equivalent of Jack Harper, and he decided the best way to deal with the problem was to have her killed. In season 2, he acts as mentor and adviser to Jack.