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Trivia: Top Chef
  • All-Star Cast: Season 8 — Top Chef: All-Stars, which brought back 18 chefs across all seven seasons for one more shot at the title.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Chef Nyesha Arrington from the Texas season won her current job as Wilshire's executive chef on Food Network's Chef Hunter.
    • Before competing in their respective seasons, Ed Cotton (Season 7) and Richard Blais (Season 4 and 8) both served as sous chefs to Iron Chef Cat Cora. Ashley (Season 6) has been serving as sous chef for Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.
  • The Pete Best: Katie Lee was the hostess of season one of Top Chef before being replaced by Padma Lakshmi. Katie was brought back as a guest judge in All-Stars.
    • Kelly Choi hosted the first two seasons of Masters before being replaced by Curtis Stone, who is incidentally the first male host of any of the shows.
    • For Top Chef Canada, Season 1 hostess Thea Andrews was replaced for season 2 by Canadian actress and former model, Lisa Ray. Though in this case, it was because Thea was pregnant, as shown when she guest hosted for the third episode of season two.

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