Trivia / Thirty Flights of Loving

  • Throw It In!: When you're at a party, you and Anita get very, very drunk, and the dance floor people float up into the sky. This was actually a programming mistake, but Brendon Chung requested that they keep it because it added a sense of surrealism.
  • What Could Have Been: The developers commentary reveals interesting aspects about the game as it currently is.
    • The game was actually created before Gravity Bone, but was just a prototype; Brendon scrapped the original prototype for being too dialogue-heavy.
    • The "Shooter" scene that explains Anita's professions was also supposed to take place on a podium, indicating Anita won a contest, but it was scrapped for not making any sense (being famous would make her the target of various autograph hunters and authorities), so it was replaced with the one as seen in the game.