Trivia: The Zombie Hunters

  • Fan Nickname: Jasper was Snarky Gas Mask Guy before his name, face, and personality were revealed.
  • One of Us: When Romanchuk found TV Tropes (and this page), she liked it so much she saw fit to gush on Facebook. Fans knew this already, as it is mentioned several times in the non-canon side stories that Jenny (Both the comic version and the real life version) is a Firefly fan.
  • Schedule Slip: A notable exception. Always updates on Mondays, with an occasional Thursday thrown in. This has since been changed to "every Thursday", but can still hit a rough patch (for example, if Romanchuk gets sick).
  • Write Who You Know: Jenny and three other Hunters were initially named and based on the author and her friends. Very quickly, the characters developed beyond those roles.