Trivia / The White Stripes

  • Big Name Fan: Conan O'Brien. He was a big supporter since stumbling upon one of the band's early performances at a Detroit bowling alley while filming a sketch for Late Night in the late 90's. Other Jack White projects have frequently performed on O'Brien's shows since then.
    • Conan also appears in the video for "Denial Twist".
    • Bob Dylan isn't usually one to invite artists half his age to join him on stage. The exception? Jack White, who's performed with him more than once.
      • Apparently Dylan fixed White's fence gate at his (White's) Tennessee mansion a few years ago.
  • Creator Breakdown: Meg suffered a major anxiety attack in 2007 that resulted in the duo canceling all of it's remaining tour dates. Her inability to recover well enough to perform was a factor in the duo breaking up.
  • Reclusive Artist: Meg is self-confessed extremely shy and quiet. Jack has stated that after the duo broke up, Meg moved back to Detroit and even refuses to answer the phone, so he really doesn't try to contact her. Even before they were famous, he had to go over to her home in order to get anything done and to even talk to her.
  • The Red Stapler: The use of cheaply made, red Montgomery Ward Airline electric guitars and Silvertone amplifiers by Jack White (an attempt by Jack to make use of unconventional, limited, gritty, hard-to-manage-and-play gear as opposed to more popular and comfortable models) led to an interest in vintage lo-fi music equipment (and a reinterest in Garage Rock in general).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Jack White producing Loretta Lynn's album Van Lear Rose. He also wrote one song and performed on most of the rest.