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YMMV: The White Stripes
  • Chorus-Only Song: Frequently inverted; many of the band's songs only have verses, with an Epic Riff substituted where the chorus would be in a normal rock song ("Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground", "Seven Nation Army", "Icky Thump", "I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman", etc.).
  • Epic Riff: "The Hardest Button to Button", "Seven Nation Army", "The Air Near My Fingers", "Blue Orchid", "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground", "Icky Thump"... Hell, it's actually harder to find a White Stripes song that doesn't have an epic riff.
  • Internet Backdraft: If you want to start an epic internet throwdown, just go onto a rock music forum and write a post either defending Meg as a good drummer or attacking her as a bad one.
    • Also, the fact that they don't have a bassist. A ridiculous number of Internet debates have started over whether they should or should not be knee-jerk dismissed based on that alone.
  • Magnum Opus: Elephant.
  • Memetic Mutation: Years after the release of "Seven Nation Army", football (soccer) fans began yelling the riff chorus of the song as a musical chant, as the song was catchy and simple enough for a lot of people to join in; now it's hard to go to an English football game (or Miami Heat game) without hearing the crowd sing the riff in unison at some point.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The video for "Blue Orchid". It's set in an dark old house full of cobwebs, and everyone in the video is deathly pale and moves robotically. Plus, the video ends just as a woman is about to be stamped on by a ghostly white horse.
  • Moment Of Awesome: The Foot in the video for The Denial Twist.
  • Sequel Displacement: White Blood Cells has displaced their Self-Titled Album and De Stijl.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The video for "Seven Nation Army" can be considered this. The video for "The Denial Twist" could count as well.
  • The Woobie: Meg, especially when breaking into tears during the end of a moving piano piece at the end of their Under Great White Northern Lights documentary film

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