Trivia / The Reconstruction

Character Names

Space Lizard has mentioned on his blog that there are a number of different characters named for strange reasons. Here they are:note 

1990s computer jokes: Unknown
Inspired by Space Lizard's friends: Zargos, Santes, Adi, Cort
Central American mythological beings: Yacatec Yutli (named after Yacatecuhtli), Kulkumatz (named after Kukulkan), Tezkhra (named after Tezcatlipoca)
Misspelled mythological creature: Tatzylvurm (a misspelling of Tatzelwurm)
Cryptid: Sirush (named after this)
Phantasy Star references: Havan (one letter off from "Havana"), Fero Flael (one letter off from "Flaeli"), Yfus Crossar (phonetically similar to Efess+Crosscut), Aryn (one letter off from "Ayn")
Really convoluted naming scheme that turned out to be the name of a real person: Alito

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