Trivia: The Perfect Storm

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Amos Hart, Sheriff Underlay, Lennon, Walter Peoples, and Marky Mark are operating a fishing boat captained by Dr. Doug Ross? No wonder it sank.
    • Warden Norton apparently retired from Shawshank Prison and took the Mistral on a sailing trip at the wrong time. Marion Ravenwood went with him.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Grand Theft Auto fans may be surprised to know that Sully went on to be lawyer Ken Rosenberg.
  • Name's the Same: For some unknown amount of time one of the "goofs" listed on the IMDB called the boat the Andrea Doria instead of the Andrea Gail. An understandable mistake as they are both doomed ocean-going craft that start with "Andrea" and later sank.
  • Michael Ironside so greatly resembled the real-life character he portrayed (Bob Brown, owner of the Andrea Gail and her sister boat, the Hannah Boden) that, during the film's production, he was visited by a man who was looking to finish paying off a debt he'd long owed to Brown. The man in question didn't know that the real Bob Brown had passed away in 1998, over a year before the film's production started.