Trivia / The Nutcracker

  • Creator Backlash: Reportedly, Tchaikovsky was none too pleased with the music, which of course proceeded to experience Magnum Opus Dissonance and become his most popular work.
  • Old Shame: Believe it or not, Tchaikovsky actually hated his work here, as related in Fantasia.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda / Demonization: There is a bit of copypasta floating around the Internet claiming, among other things, that in E. T. A. Hoffmann's original story Marie that lived in a loveless household, that she was depicted lying in a pool of her own blood after injuring herself, and that her parents punished her for it by locking her in her room until she admitted she'd been naughty. None of this is true.
    • Well, the part about the pool of blood is true. (Marie breaks the glass in the front of her doll cabinet and slices her arm open, and her mother finds her lying there surrounded by her dolls and passed out from loss of blood.) But she's confined to her room not because she was being punished, but because she was recovering from the injury.
    • It also could be confusing another scene, the battle between the Nutcracker and Mouse King is off-screen but when the Nutcracker returns depending on translation, usually says that "the Mouse King has been bathed in his own blood."