Trivia: The ClueFinders

  • Fan Nickname: Because nearly every game package shows Joni as pointing toward something, some people refer to her as "the pointing girl."
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Sir Alistair Loveless III? Voiced by none other than Charles Martinet using his future Waluigi voice but with a foreign accent.
      • He also voices Pericles Lear which pretty much sounds like an evil Mario.
    • You can also hear the Third hokage in the game.
  • Orphaned Reference: At one point in 6th Grade, there's a Cutscene in which Leslie and Owen see a friend of theirs being taken prisoner and notice that he's starting to turn into a plant. If you click on Leslie and Owen after this scene plays, they will talk about something completely different as though that was what they just witnessed. From the sound of it, it appears that point in the game originally had a Cutscene in which the plants were abusing human slaves, but it was cut (for being too dark?) and replaced, but they never got around to changing Leslie and Owen's in-game dialogue. Another artifact is that the symbol for the location where this takes place appears to be a ball and chain, which makes no sense in the released version of the game.