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Nightmare Fuel: The Clue Finders
  • The aliens in 5th Grade.
    • The Reveal that they eat brains, and that they've captured everyone you've met on the island (and countless other people who sailed near it) to that end. Including Leslie's grandfather, which you see in a Jump Scare while a Scare Chord no less.
  • The Medusa rock with snakes coming out of her eyes in 3rd Grade.
  • Any given part of Goo Lagoon in 3rd Grade can be this to the squeamish, and kids tend to freak out at the extremely Beatles-inspired song.
  • The plants' plans for the town in 6th Grade, depicted with Deliberately Monochrome paintings.
  • Malicia in Reading. She mutated and/or imprisoned all of the rightful inhabitants of the planet, kidnaps Santiago and Leslie at the beginning of the game, attempts to blackmail Joni and Owen for the amulet and implies that she is perfectly willing to kill her prisoners. For those unaware, Santiago is 12 while Leslie is only 10! There's also the fact that she wants that amulet in order to destroy....a lot of places, she says that when she's finished with Millennia, Earth is next on her list.
  • The end of 5th Grade, where you try to access the map. Laptrap says, "Sorry! But we are now, trapped, inside!"
  • Pericles Lear in The Incredible Toy Store Adventure!
  • To someone with chemistry knowledge... The pollutants in 6th grade adventures. The plants are being poisoned with stuff like Dioxin, Phenol, Vinyl Chloride, Mercury, Arsenic... yikes.
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