Funny: The ClueFinders

  • In ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures, the villain, Alistair Loveless, needs a Ring of Power MacGuffin for his evil plans:
    Loveless: Once I have the ring, I can proceed with... the ceremony!
    Professor Botch: Oh, are you getting married? How lovely!
    Loveless: I'm not getting married, you twit! I am an evil man, and I am up to no good!
  • From the same game, Alistair Loveless's Evil Laugh is parodied by him coughing, followed by "I swallowed my mint".
  • In 3rd Grade, taking one of the halves of the key needed to enter the lost city reveals a trap door which leads them back to the fork in the road where they started. This leads to this exchange.
    Santiago: Trap door!
    Joni: Whee!
    Santiago: Whee?
  • Also in 3rd Grade, when Fletcher Limburger is revealed to be the bad guy, he gets away from Joni and Santiago by practically flying over them and into his airplane disguised as Mathra.
  • Numerous interactions between the characters in 3rd Grade are a CMOF. Including:
    Santiago: Superstition?
    Leslie: Lost city?
    Joni: Monster?
    Gang: Owen!