Trivia / Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

  • All-Star Cast: This was a TV show with a feature-film-worthy cast of regulars. A large part of the reason the show didn't get renewed for a second season was because the cast was just so darn expensive.
  • Casting Gag: Openly bisexual Sarah Paulson as the conservative Christian Harriet Hayes, whose ambiguous feelings about gay marriage factor significantly into the plot of "Nevada Day."
    • Doubly so during a conversation between her and Jordan about fixing the bad press she got from commenting on it.
    Jordan: Here's what I need you to do to fix it—
    Harriet (Sarcastically): By going on the cover of Newsweek and saying Iím gay?
    Jordan: Would you be willing to do that? I'm kidding!
    • There may be a historical allusion here also. The character of Harriet Hayes might have been named after Harry Hay, a pioneer in the gay rights movement.
  • The Danza: Matthew Perry as "Matt"
  • Directed by Cast Member:
    • Bradley Whitford, directed the season (ultimately the series) finale. He also wrote two episodes of The West Wing, one each in the show last two seasons.
    • Timothy Busfield, directed six episodes of the show.
  • Dueling Shows: 30 Rock. If you went back in time to 2006 and told someone 30 Rock would last seven seasons while Studio 60 would only get one before being unceremoniously canceled, you would have been laughed out of the room. Oh, and just add in the fact that 30 Rock has won three straight Emmys for Best Comedy while Studio 60 never even managed a nomination for Best Drama and then they'll really think you must be joking. Everyone expected Studio 60 would be the next West Wing and that 30 Rock would be gone long before. That said, Tina Fey has said that Sorkin had nothing but the best wishes for her show, even sending her a dozen roses the week 30 Rock premiered.
  • Follow Up Failure: According to Aaron Sorkin, the failure of the series was because of his own Creator Breakdown.
  • Playing Against Type: Matthew Perry in a serious role.
  • The oddest parallel between this show and 30 Rock is that the network suit character is named "Jack" on both shows. Of course, Jack Donaghy is a badass while Jack Rudolph is a doormat for Jordan to wipe her feet on.
    • Maybe not so odd... Both this show and 30 Rock are NBC programs and real-life suit Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric (NBC's former parent company) for about 20 years.