Trivia / Star Wars: Galaxies

  • Christmas Rushed: For summer, not Christmas, and only after it had been delayed a few times. The CU and the NGE were also likely rushed to coincide with the expansions, which themselves had to be ready by Episode III's film and DVD releases. After the shutdown, SOE's CEO said this was probably the game's biggest problem and Galaxies' original creative director agreed with him.
    "Here's what I would have done differently...I would have given the game another year to develop and really polish it quite a bit...I would have really taken our time and polished combat right so we never had to do the NGE."
    - SOE CEO, John Smedley
  • Executive Meddling: Possibly why the game was shut down. SOE said they were interested in keeping Galaxies going, but allegedly EA demanded exclusivity on Star Wars MMO's from LucasArts. Despite this, Clone Wars Adventures (a browser-based Star Wars MMO that SOE also maintained) continued to operate concurrently with TOR for almost three years.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Glowbat", for lightsabers, and "Glowbat-wielders" for Jedi (usually used derogatorily)
    • "Rave Party" for a group made up predominantly of Jedi
    • "Wookiee World" for Kashyyyk
    • "The Village People" for the Jedi-aspirants stuck grinding at Aurilla.
  • Troubled Production: SWG was a poster child for this trope more or less throughout its entire lifespan from initial development through shutdown.
  • What Could Have Been: Raph Koster, the game's original creative director, has posted a series of articles on his blog detailing his original vision for Galaxies. This included a more in-depth skill tree system, various alterations to combat, and - most notably - a much different system for unlocking Jedi that rewarded players that sought out a broad-range of in-game experiences rather than promoting power-gaming. Amongst the most notable changes:
    • There were several classes that were dropped or which never got beyond the conceptual stage. These included "Miner", "Storyteller", and "Writer".
    • Each profession was supposed to have a different number of skill trees, which could have a different number of skills in them. Some, like Image Designer, were meant to be small and require few skill points, while others were supposed to be longer or have more branches.
    • The requirements to unlock Jedi originally involved more than just mastering professions, with requirements including killing certain rare monsters, visiting certain locations, performing certain actions, etc.
    • Players were originally supposed to be able to give one another quests using a "Player Contract".