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Trivia: Sepultura
  • He Also Did: Max voiced the CG Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • On Chaos A.D.:
      • The lyrics to "Biotech Is Godzilla" were written by Jello Biafra.
    • A few of these on Roots:
      • "Ratamahatta" features singer Carlinhos Brown, and percussion and drumming by producer Ross Robinson and Korn's David Silveria.
      • "Lookaway" features guest vocals by Mike Patton and Jonathan Davis, and sound design/scratching by DJ Lethal, who was still a member of House Of Pain at the time and had not yet joined Limp Bizkit.
      • The 25th Anniversary Edition of the album featured another collaboration with Mike Patton, "Mine".
    • And on Against:
      • Singer João Gordo from the Brazilian Hardcore Punk band Ratos de Porão appears on "Reza"
      • "Hatred Aside" features Jason Newsted performing baritone guitar, theremin and vocals
      • A B-side from the album, "The Waste", featured Mike Patton on vocals. The album version is an instrumental titled "Kamaitachi" - both versions feature the Japanese taiko troupe Kodo.
    • Mike Patton has also performed "Lookaway" with Sepultura a few times in concert. Considering these occurrences and his studio collaborations with the band, he seems to really like working with Sepultura.
    • On Nation:
      • "Politricks" features Jello Biafra
      • "Human Cause" features Jamey Jasta, of Hatebreed fame.
      • Apocalyptica feature on "Valtio"

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