Trivia / Scooter

  • No Export for You:
    • You mustn't take it for granted that the newest Scooter album is published very widely in your country (unless you're an Austrian, German or Swiss).
    • In Russia (and other parts of Eastern Europe), their music has been so widely pirated that they are huge there and frequently have sellout tours. The band have helped this by showing their love of Russian symbolism and the city of Moscow. In fact, the main reason Scooter continue to sing in English rather than German is because of their popularity in European countries that don't speak German, rather than wanting to appeal to any English-speaking country.
    • Despite Scooter being well known in the UK, their albums don't get released there often. This could be to do with the different copyright laws surrounding the amount of songs they blatantly rip off, as they remain very popular (as evidenced by their album Jumping All Over the World getting to number 1 purely because they actually released it in the UK.)
  • Old Shame: The band feel so strongly about their first single "Vallée De Larmes" that they don't count it as part of their discography, only including a couple of remixes on late 90s compilations.
    • However this is changing - they're including the original and the remix on the 2012 reissue of And The Beat Goes On! Notably they're excluding Percapella version, and the original version of Cosmos, possibly to ensure fans can still make money off the original single.