Trivia: Reddit

  • Development Gag: Reddit was originally going to be called "Snoo" as in "what's new?". Obviously, this didn't happen, but the little white alien mascot ended up being named Snoo.
  • Internet Counterattack:
    • Has perpetrated quite a few of these. Reddit had to forbid posting personal information on the site.
    • One of the most infamous such counterattacks was when Something Awful released a "Redditbomb". Said bomb exposed the mods and site management being too cowardly to shut down some subreddits that were distributing child porn. Something similar later happened with r/creepshots on Tumblr, which exposed the personal information of various creepshot posters.
    • Reddit was also a catalyst for the SOPA/PIPA protests.
  • Old Shame: Reddit's management have tried to distance themselves from violentacrez as much as possible since the r/creepshots debacle, despite giving him a "pimp hat" award in the past.
  • Word of God: IamAs featuring media creators, which usually require the celebrity confirming the IamA with a photograph greeting Reddit or some other method.
  • The Wiki Rule: Trusted users can write on the Integrated wiki.