Trivia / Reddit

  • Ascended Meme: The r/politics meme/Running Gag about Donald Trump donating to NAMBLA (created as an "incitement" to get Trump to release his tax returns) was eventually covered by major news outlets such as New York Magazine.
  • Colbert Bump: If a website is linked in a popular thread or comment, an inadvertent DDoS can be triggered, taking down the site. This is humorously called the "Reddit hug of death".
  • Development Gag: Reddit was originally going to be called "Snoo" as in "what's new?". Obviously, this didn't happen, but the little white alien mascot ended up being named Snoo.
  • Old Shame:
    • Reddit's management have tried to distance themselves from violentacrez as much as possible since the r/creepshots debacle, despite giving him a "pimp hat" award in the past.
    • The reddit community as a whole isn't too proud of the Boston Bomber Witchhunt, in which the community tried to determine the bomber's identity and accused an innocent person, who was later found dead (believed to be for unrelated reasons, but the Internet campaign definitely wasn't helping his grieving family). It's often brought up as a cautionary tale whenever it looks like reddit's gearing up for another round of playing Internet Detective.
  • Word of God: IamAs featuring media creators, which usually require the celebrity confirming the IamA with a photograph greeting Reddit or some other method.
  • The Wiki Rule: Trusted users can write on the Integrated wiki.