Trivia / Red Ninja End Of Honor

  • Stillborn Franchise: The obvious Sequel Hook nature of the game intended this to be a franchise of its own. Were it not for the Obvious Beta status, it would have been a serious contender against the then-reigning champion of stealth assassin genre, Tenchu. Alas, Tranji Studio went under after making the game and Vivendi Universal Games shifted their priorities.
  • Creator Killer: As stated above, Tranji Studio seemed to have simply existed to make this one game...before fading away completely.
    • Interestingly, Tranji Studio is a temporary studio created as a joint cooperation between New Corp and Opus Studio Incorporated. While New did develop some noteworthy game (one of them being The Adventure Of Little Ralph), New Corp essentially underwent a reorganization and split itself into many studios (one of them becoming Think and Feel, co-developers of Summon Night X, and GrandPrix which mainly developed licensed Hajime no Ippo games), while New itself became Ertain, a (now defunct) publishing company note . Meanwhile, Opus was and has been publishing Marvelous-developed games (one of them being Half-Minute Hero) before Marvelous became MarvelousAQL. See this link about Opus in GDRI for more details, including partnership with Ertain/New above to form Tranji Studio.