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Trivia: Red Ninja End Of Honor
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • So Zim was a Sengoku-era warlord, huh?
    • The artist that drew the front cover as well as Kurenai's sketches is d.k., pen-name for Dong-Kyu Kim, a Korean living in Japan. He also happens to draw the concept sketches for NieR as well.
  • Stillborn Franchise: The obvious Sequel Hook nature of the game intended this to be a franchise of its own. Were it not for the Obvious Beta status, it would have been a serious contender against the then-reigning champion of stealth assassin genre, Tenchu. Alas, Tranji Studios went under after making the game and Vivendi Universal Games shifted their priorities.
  • Creator Killer: As stated above, Tranji Studios seemed to have simply existed to make this one game...before fading away completely.
    • Interestingly, Tranji Studios does seem to be created to be a temporary alliance between New Corp and Opus Studio Incorporated. While New did develop some noteworthy game (one of them being The Adventure Of Little Ralph), New Corp's staff quit the company and formed many studios (one of them becoming Think and Feel, co-developers of Summon Night X), and what was left of New became Ertain, a publishing company (now also defunct). Meanwhile, Opus was and has been publishing Marvelous-developed games (one of them being Half-Minute Hero) before Marvelous became MarvelousAQL. It seems that everyone involved in this game was in sort of a limbo until their demise (except for Opus, which somehow survived to this day)

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