YMMV: Red Ninja End Of Honor

  • Narm: "MY LEGS!"
  • Player Punch: Akemi, who has been supporting you all this time without the slightest of hesitation, and whom you need to save several times in the past, is coldly gunned down in a blatant betrayal by the architect of the superweapon whom you're supposed to be saving. This comes so sudden, it catches many players off-guard.
  • Scrappy Level: A segment in a level is comprised of pure platforming. This, combined with Camera Screw and the dash mechanic, leads to the most hated level in the game. Ironically, the goal of the stage is to get into the palm of a gigantic Buddha statue in the middle, and any secrets and shortcuts described to make this level doable is usually referred to as "Cheating the Buddha".
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The dash function is done by pressing forward long enough. Not only it sounds vague and imprecise, the requirement for a successful wall run is a good dash. To make matters worse, your dash is canceled if you so much as change directions. Naturally, platforming levels are a real headache.
  • Tear Jerker: Akemi's death.