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Trivia: Pokeumans
  • Ascended Fanon/ Canon Immigrant: The Board Of Dream Messengers was a concept created in the wake of the extremely high number of people with a Spirit Advisor appearing in series. It was introduced in the Ares spin-off, but is now widely recognised as the group.
    • The use of the term 'Extinctionist' to refer to Pokextinction members first appeared in an early spin-off.
    • The official name of the knock-out gas carried by Pokextinction sleeper agents (Concoction Subconica) was first used in the Dragon Island spin-off. Similarly, the name of the coma that transforming Pokeumans often go into (Metamorphic Comatose, or Segnis scriptor) first appeared in the Winner Takes All story.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yes, the group has its own wiki, although it's been 'under construction' for a number of years.

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