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Trivia: Poké Wars
  • Promoted Fanboy - Jakayrta became Cornova's beta/co-writer after he left a review on the first chapter of Poké Wars: The Incipience. He joined around the second chapter of the same fanfic.
    • REV 6 Pilot was accepted as a proofreader by the time the seventh chapter of The Exigence was published.
  • On the seventh chapter of Poké Wars: The Incipience, the title "Battle of the Ages" refers to what each Pokemon in the battle represents. Regigigas represents Pangaea as he hauled the continents to where they are now. Regice, Regirock, and Registeel represent the Ice Age, Stone Age, and Industrial Age respectively. Mewtwo and Ho-Oh could be interpreted as a representations of the former age and new age.
  • On the 7th chapter of the Poké Wars: The Exigence, the chapter title, The Devil's Advocate, refers to Houndoom's preevolution Houndour called Delvil in Japanese and the coordinator Pokemon's attempt at seeing their side.
  • Name's the Same - Years before Poké Wars, there was Pokewars!, a collaborative fanfiction universe on

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