Trivia / No Doubt

  • Colbert Bump: Their first televised performance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Conan had recently picked up the high school/college audience left behind by Letterman.
  • Creator Breakdown: Evident in Tragic Kingdom (out of a combination of Gwen and Tony's relationship ending and Eric's worsening depression and withdrawal from the band) and Return of Saturn (largely thanks to the album's protracted recording and Gwen's difficulties in maintaining a long-distance relationship).
  • Development Hell: Promised a new album in late 2010. It eventually came out in 2012.
    • They took five years to follow up Tragic Kingdom.
  • Dye Hard: Gwen Stefani.
  • The Pete Best: Anyone other than the four, so a lot of them. There were 10 initial members, of which a grand total of two were still with the group by the time they released their first album. One non-original member had also left by then, and three more would be gone by the time Tragic Kingdom made them truly big. The most notable was Eric Stefani (their former keyboard player and primary songwriter) and the most tragic was John Spence (their original frontman, who committed suicide). Gwen Stefani is, in fact, the last original member left.
    • Eric was suffering from depression and had begun to disengage himself from the band as early as September 1994, and while he sat through the Tragic Kingdom sessions, he left the band after they finished recording the album. Despite this, Gwen insisted that Eric be included in the album's cover. He's the one in the far distance, looking away from the camera.
  • Reclusive Artist: One of Tom Dumont's explanations for why Eric Stefani left the band:
    Eric, our keyboard player, used to write most of our songs. He was the main creative force in the band for many years. And at a certain point after that first album came out, he had this personal thing, like he didn't like touring, he didn't like all that stuff. He just liked to sit down and write songs. That's him. He's the artistic side, the total Mr. Creative.