Trivia / Might and Magic

  • Contractual Immortality: You have this in a few later games. If your entire party is killed, you're brought back to life at the starting point of the game. There is a price, however. You lose all your gold, and you have no Spell Points, and only one Hit Point per party member. (This is why the banks were introduced; depositing your money kept it safe from this. Of course, Save Scumming is a much easier option.)
    • They appear to get rid of this feature in X however, where you have to reload from the last place you saved if it happens.
  • Dragon Rage may be a Spin-Off.
  • No Export for You: A odd variation. A PS2 port of VIII was made, but only got released in Japan.
  • Screwed by the Network: X was released in Jan 2014. Support from Ubisoft was discontinued by March 2014, and with major bugs unresolved.