Trivia / Mega Man Dies At The End

  • Name's the Same: Mega Man confuses Bomberman with Bomb Man, a character from Mega Man 1.
    • Even funnier if you think about it because in Japan, they both have the same exact name.
  • Word of God: According to LowBrow Studios, Dr. Wily did survive in "The Battle: Part 2" (The Season 2 Finale of Sonic for Hire, where Mario summoned a bunch of villains, including Wily to go after Sonic. Almost all of them got killed though) but he had "one hell of a head injury".
    • As for Sonic for Hire, they too have a Facebook page with some of the posts being typed as if Mega Man was saying them. It's not updated as often as its sister series though.
    • According to the Facebook page, they had no idea who Nappa was. When Guts Man becomes a ghost and follows Mega Man around, a lot of fans thought it was a rip-off of Nappa. And in the trailer that depicts the series finale, they're both in a car, listening to Ghostbusters on the radio, a theme song that Nappa completely took to.
      • They both seem to be different, as Guts Man shows Mega Man a bunch of flashbacks of his life in an effort to better help Mega Man.