Trivia / Mega Man 6

  • Contest Winner Cameo: Although having Robot Masters made from fan entries is a tradition going back to 2, 6 deserves a mention as it's the only one with Robot Masters designed by non-Japanese fans (Wind Man by Michael Leader of the United States, and Knight Man by Daniel Vallèe of Canada). These were picked from thousands of Nintendo Power entries in a cross-promotion.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: Two of the entries ended up finding new life in some way shape or form. The Fish Man entry, created by Kyle Carrozza, was later used in Carrozza's own work Mighty Magiswords as Manfish the Fishman. Grayson Shuler's entry, Weasletta ("Wily's Daughter") and her Teddy Terror, ended up influencing Hideki Ishikawa and Hitoshi Ariga with the ideas of a female subordinate under Wily in the forms of W. Waltz, Madame Y, and Piano.
  • Fan Nickname: Fans like to split up the Robot Masters in this game by referring to Plant Man, Wind Man, Flame Man, and Blizzard Man as the "Element" Robot Masters, and Yamato Man, Tomahawk Man, Centaur Man, and Knight Man as the "Warrior" Robot Masters. It helps that the Beat parts are all in the hands of the latter.
  • Network to the Rescue: Capcom decided it wasn't going to export the game out of Japan because the NES was nearing the end of its lifecycle and the SNES had been around for a few years already. But the Nintendo Power contest to design new Robot Masters for the game had already been completed, so to ensure the two contest winners would see the fruits of their labors, Nintendo released the game itself.
  • No Export for You: Subverted for North America (see above), but played straight with Europe as it was not released for 19 years when it finally saw the light of the day on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console to coincide with Mega Man's announcement in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS.