Trivia / LMS

  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The appearance of Alpha Prime02, who was supposed to star in his own separate Fan Fic based on BIONICLE titled The Story of Wheeljack (which would have been rewritten as Prime), but Primis never finished the story and Alpha Prime02 never made his intended debut. However, in The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE Season 2, Alpha Prime02 gives essentially a plot summary of his would-be origin story in Chapter 42:
    Alpha Prime02: "I was once a Matoran named Wheeljack, my village was attacked by Makuta and his Rahkshi long ago, so I did the only thing possible, I stole the Toa stone from the Kini-Nui and became a Toa. A little after that, I met another Toa named Omega Prime, We became a team -and a real good team-. A few years after that we met a strange being known as the protector of the Vahi, He upgraded our Toa armor to Toa Hagah. He became our leader. One day he sent us on a quest to find a mask, along the way we heard a loud explosion, Omega decided to check it out. And that's when we were... fused."
    Sam: "What?"
    Alpha Prime02: "Makuta attacked us by surprise and threw us in a vat of energized Protodermis, expecting us to be killed, we were fused. Then once I had finished my quest, the protector upgraded my armor with the mask into the ultimate Toa armor."
  • Missing Episode:
    • Like many other works on BZPower, the entire LMS saga was lost when the Forum Archives were hacked in early 2013. Normally, this would not be a problem since the writers saved their work on their computers, but Primis's hard drive failed and he lost everything he wrote, and there has been no word from Mobius in years. Aside from a few snippets of Two Worlds chapters 18 and 19 which survived the hack, as well as what little is recoverable from the Wayback Machine, only the chapters written by PeabodySam still exist.
    • And when BZPower was hacked again in late 2013, Lost and Found and Lost Again and The Engineer were both deleted. Fortunately, PeabodySam was quick to repost the former, but Primis has yet to repost the latter (although he might be saving it for Legacy).
  • Reality Subtext: In Lost and Found and Lost Again, it is mentioned that Axle once somehow mistook a giant axe-wielding warrior for Santa Claus. This was actually a reference to an old BZPower topic where someone asked if anyone thought that Axonn resembled Santa Claus. The topic no longer exists thanks to a hacker, but an amusing comparison image Primis made in his incredulous reaction still exists.
  • Recycled Script:
    • The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE Season 2, Chapter 50 was literally a chapter from BIONICLE and the Search for the Mask of Light! with a few characters swapped out and a slightly extended ending. This was due to PeabodySam having a tight schedule at the time he wrote the chapter and deciding to just doll it up.
    • Primis revealed that he may end up rewriting Rock Raiders - Legacy as a separate story unrelated to Two Worlds:
    Primis: "As for me, since I've been back I've actually been considering rewriting (and, you know, finishing) Rock Raiders: Legacy. It'd be a complete rewrite from the ground up, unconnected to the Two Worlds-verse. I've already wrote an outline for the story, and I really like what I've come up with."
  • Shrug of God: The term "Endurium" was featured prominently in Legacy and Primis' otherwise unrelated Slizers RPG The Millennium Legion. Canon Welding may have been in play, or it may have just been Primis being lazy with names.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Aside from Two Worlds and Rock Raiders - Legacy never being finished, Primis intended to write more entries in the saga that would chronologically follow Legacy.
      • World's Demise: Three galaxies, one enemy, three allies, a million hiding-places.
      • Last Hope and Fear. Nothing other than the titles are known about either of these stories.
      • Endgame: Much time has passed since the Rock Raiders and their allies last saw Shade. However he is still at large, and the Rock Raiders can no longer help in the way they once did.
      • While unconfirmed, "Cold..." and Insectoids may have also been more entries in the LMS saga, but would have likely departed from the main Story Arc revolving around Shade. "Cold" was about Commander Cold and his team landing on Planet Krysto and discovering something that never should've been. Insectoids involved the Rock Raiders, Krysto Team, and Rock Monsters teaming up to stop the Insectoids from wreaking havoc across the galaxy.
    • In The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE, the Rock Raiders' other spaceships were Expies of the first two Absolutions, which Gears built by himself. In Two Worlds, the second ship would have been the Deep Freeze Defender, which Chief stole from Commander Cold and had painted to match the LMS Explorer. There would not have been a third ship.
    • There were brief talks of a crossover between The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE and BIONICLE and the Search for the Mask of Light, though these plans fell through when the writers realized that each story's audience was not necessarily familiar with the other story.
    • The Rahkshi of chain lightning introduced in Lost and Found and Lost Again was intended to make a reappearance in Two Worlds Chapter 81, participating in the battle of the Rahkshi and using its electric guitar as a weapon instead of its staff. Since it doesn't look like Two Worlds will be reaching Chapter 81 anytime soon...
    • In The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE, Sparks built an expy of the Omega Boost mecha, which naturally turned homicidal. In Two Worlds, this would have been replaced with the LMS Explorer's long-dormant on-board A.I being reactivated and corrupted by Makuta. Nuparu would have repaired it, and it would have become a recurring character named Iris.
    • Sam and Fox's Reality Warper Powers would have been caused by them fusing with Blue Energy Crystals.
    • Air would have been renamed Zephyr, and his powers would have been replaced with a modified Exo-Raider.