• Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Given the Random Events Plot nature of The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE, this usually happened at least Once an Episode, but this one particular example at the end of Chapter 40 literally had no connection whatsoever to the plot or characters and served no purpose other than a cheap throwaway Shout-Out to LEGO Island:
    ???: Look, I demand that was a mistrial, I want a retrial, I want a free trial 30 days money back if not fully satisfied!
    Police man: Doesn't matter, into the jail you go!
    ???: Oh well.
  • Growing the Beard: Rock Raiders - Legacy grew the beard after the third chapter, the first one in the entire saga to be written in prose instead of script and is often seen as the turning point for Primis's writing style, since it was this that inspired him to write Two Worlds.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In one of the early chapters of The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE, it was revealed that Sam used to work as a cashier before he joined the Rock Raiders. Years later, one of the real-life people who inspired Sam's personality got a part-time job as a cashier assistant.
    • SkeleTim becomes this as a result of Radium replacing Tim in Two Worlds. Why? Because, in LEGO Stunt Rally, when Radium wins a race, he briefly appears as an animated skeleton due to all the radioactive chemicals he works with.
    • In Lost and Found and Lost Again, it is revealed that Axle developed claustrophobia as a result of sharing an elevator with Santa Claus. A couple months later comes this Bizarro comic.
    • The Exo-Raider was a suit of Powered Armor, akin to the Power Loader from Aliens, that Sparks created to defend Rock Raiders HQ from Teridax. In July 2014, LEGO revealed this set.
  • Padding: Most of PeabodySam's chapters have little bearing on the plot and usually just serve to kill time in-between Primis's more story-driven chapters. PeabodySam's chapters tend to focus on exciting plots like... the Rock Raiders watching television... or Axle and Nuju chatting in a jail cell... or Sam and Fox playing a game of Guess Who...