Trivia / Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

In this game, Kirby has the following powers (the effects described here and in all subsequent sections only occur when active; none of the powers have passive abilities):
  • Bomb - Color-coded black; generates a Cartoon Bomb.
  • Burning - Color-coded red; Kirby turns into a fireball and shoots forward.
  • Cutter - Color-coded green; part of Kirby becomes a small Battle Boomerang. Kirby can only jump once when Cutter is deployed.
  • Ice - Color-coded blue; Kirby stands in place and exhales a circle of freezing air all around himself.
  • Needle - Color-coded orange; Kirby stands in place and becomes spiky all over.
  • Spark - Color-coded yellow; Kirby is surrounded by a small electrical force-field that zaps enemies.
  • Stone - Color-coded brown; Kirby turns into stone, but he can slowly walk as a golem and the stone covering can be shot off as a short-ranged projectile.

The above can be combined as follows (and the order of powers acquired doesn't matter):
  • Bomb + Bomb = Shoot guided missiles from Kirby's mouth.
  • Bomb + Cutter = Throw exploding ninja stars.
  • Bomb + Burning = Kirby "explodes", generating fireworks. Can be done up to three times in succession.
  • Bomb + Ice = Turns into an animate snowman that explodes on contact with the enemy.
  • Bomb + Needle = Turns into Gordo, floating in the air for a while, and then sends the needles flying.
  • Bomb + Spark = Turns into a lightbulb that burns out quickly.
  • Bomb + Stone = Throws dynamite that explodes (also harming Kirby unless he hides under the hardhat that comes with this power), either on contact, or after the fuse runs out.
  • Burning + Burning = Becomes a giant phoenix that flies forward.
  • Burning + Cutter = Draws a giant Flaming Sword that can be thrown.
  • Burning + Ice = Turns into an ice cube that melts rapidly, sending steam out in a circle around Kirby.
  • Burning + Needle = Turns into a bow that can shoot Arrows on Fire in an arc.
  • Burning + Spark = Uses static electricity to set Kirby's head on fire, at which point he runs forward and destroys enemies on contact.
  • Burning + Stone = Turns into a rock-spewing volcano.
  • Cutter + Cutter = Bigger boomerang.
  • Cutter + Ice = Becomes an ice-skater capable of quadruple axles.
  • Cutter + Needle = Extends the arms, now covered in teeth, which are then clapped together.
  • Cutter + Spark = Generates a yellow double-bladed Light Saber.
  • Cutter + Stone = Carves Kirby into a statue of one of his previous animal companions, some of whom have special abilities (Pitch and Coo fly for a short amount of time, and Rick has Wall Jump).
  • Ice + Ice = Turns into a self-propelling Human Snowball.
  • Ice + Needle = Turns into a giant snowflake that freezes enemies on contact.
  • Ice + Spark = Turns into a refrigerator that crushes enemies underneath it and shoots food that hurts enemies as well as heal when eaten.
  • Ice + Stone = Turns into a curling stone that shoots forward and freezes enemies on contact.
  • Needle + Needle = Becomes immobile and turns into a Swiss Army knife full of sharp implements.
  • Needle + Spark = Turns into a lightning rod that gets struck with a bolt of lightning.
  • Needle + Stone = Turns into a self-propelling drill; can also shoot an infinite number of drill bits forward.
  • Spark + Spark = Creates a bigger force-field than regular Spark; it slowly shrinks down to nothing unless re-generated.
  • Spark + Stone = Creates a boulder tethered to Kirby via electricity, which bounces around, destroying obstacles until the line breaks.
  • Stone + Stone = Turns into giant stone, with the same basic ability.

And Kirby has one more super special Eleventh Hour Superpower if he can collect all of the titular Crystal Shards.
  • Ribbon + Crystal = Unlimited flight and ammunition.