Trivia / Kenny Chesney

  • Black Sheep Hit: He has three typical modes: beachy Jimmy Buffett-esque tunes, introspective acoustic ballads, or arena rock. His two biggest hits, "The Good Stuff" and "There Goes My Life", are none of the above. (They're still ballads, but in a markedly different and more mainstream style from his usual ballads such as "Down the Road" or "You and Tequila".)
  • Breakthrough Hit: "She's Got It All" (1997) was his first #1 on Billboard and the song that helped kick-start his career. A couple years later, "How Forever Feels" pushed him from rapidly-ascending second-tier to A-lister.
  • Chart Displacement: While many of his #1 hits have been forgotten, "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" and "I Go Back" remain among his most popular with peaks of #11 and #2. His version of Mac McAnally's 1990 hit "Back Where I Come From" appears to have eclipsed the original, even though Mac's version was a single (reaching #14 in 1990) and Kenny's was not; this is due to it being a longtime staple of his live shows (a live version even appeared on his first Greatest Hits Album).
  • What Could Have Been: He was scheduled to film the video for the re-release of "The Tin Man" at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, but the shoot was held up due to a delay in shipping the equipment.
  • Working Title: Cosmic Hallelujah was originally supposed to be titled Some Town Somewhere.