Trivia / Jim Fullington

  • Doing It for the Art: Has been independently wealthy for years, enabling him to wrestle simply because he enjoys it.
    • Has said that he considers "jobbing" to be something like when André the Giant would squash Johnny Rodz, which never happens anymore. He has no problem putting people over and that, when he and Tommy Dreamer would team together in ECW, they'd argue over who got to do the job since they'd both want to be pinned.
  • Iconic Wrestler: A hardcore one, at that.
  • Method Acting: As part of the angle where Dreamer had "blinded" him, he would not leave his home or even answer the door.
  • Recycled Script: While in TNA in 2003, during the "Hard 10" Tournament that would award a trophy to the most hardcore wrestler, he and New Jack did a bit where they talked about how they were going to show everyone what real hardcore was about. They did a similar bit in the Florida independent MXPW the same year.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: His WCW production theme had previously been used by Steve "Mongo" McMichael.