Trivia / Inheritance Cycle

  • Fan Nickname: "Galby" for King Galbatorix, and "CP" for the author.
  • I Knew It: Most of the fandom accurately predicted that Brom is Eragon's father.
  • Jossed: Christopher Paolini officially stomped on the theory that the sapphire in Aren is the Eldunari of Brom's dragon.
  • Shrug of God: If anything even remotely related to a theory for an upcoming book is mentioned to Paolini's face or asked in an interview, he always responds with, "no comment."
  • What Could Have Been: Christopher Paolini originally intended Eragon to have simply blessed Elva as a baby, but found out after the publication of Eragon that he had made some grammatical mistakes himself in creating the ancient language, resulting in Eragon's wording being "may you be a shield from misfortune". Rather than simply correct the error, he decided to make it a plot point in future books.
  • Word of God: Christopher Paolini answers a lot of questions about the Cycle, mostly in interviews. Just look at all the examples throughout the pages for this series.
  • Write Who You Know: The behaviors and mannerisms of Angela the herbalist were based largely on Christopher Paolini's sister, Angela.