Trivia / Hearts Afire

  • The Danza: John Hartman and Billy Bob Davis, played by John Ritter and Billy Bob Thornton, respectively.
  • The Other Darrin: In the third season, John's older son, Ben, suddenly morphed from a stocky blonde kid to a skinny brunette. He didn't even look like he could be Elliott's brother anymore. Briefly lampshaded when their mother comments on how much they've changed.
  • You Look Familiar
    • Conchata Ferrell played John's ex-wife's lesbian lover in one episode of the first season, but she joined the series as a regular in the second season, playing straight-as-an-arrow Madeline. Both characters were therapists, but otherwise had no connection. This was Lampshaded in an episode where said ex-wife visited; several people told Madeline about the resemblance and she became very anxious around John's former spouse.
    • Similarly, Beth Broderick, who played Dee Dee Starr in the first season, appeared as Dee Dee's twin sister Lee Ann in two episodes of the second season. It's stated that Lee Ann grew up there in the Midwest, but it had previously been said that Dee Dee grew up in Texas. The explanation never made sense and they shouldn't have even bothered to attempt to Hand Wave the stunning resemblance away.