Trivia / Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  • Banned by the BBC: "Relax".
  • Streisand Effect: "Relax"'s Banned by the BBC status cemented its (and the band's) notoriety and probably had a lot to do with it going on to become one of the UK's top ten best sellers of all time. Many went to see Body Double for the "Relax" porn sequence after.
  • Word of God: Holly Johnson is on record saying "Wish (The Lads Were Here)"'s actual title was and always will be "Love Has Got a Gun." Legend has it that the song was a late addition to Welcome to the Pleasuredome and was shoehorned in between "San Jose (The Way)" and "the ballad of 32", an instrumental that originally carried the title "Wish the Lads Were Here" (without parentheses) as a nod to Pink Floyd and "32"'s similar sound to that band's 1975 classic Wish You Were Here. The title renaming was conducted by Paul Morley against the band's wishes, and "32" was heavily edited for length (the full version appearing on a reissue.) The album artwork has never been corrected.