Trivia / Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

  • Fan Nickname: Moulder the Boulder and Gilliam Bojangles.
  • Name's the Same: There's a Selena fighting alongside Nohr. She is not the same person as this game's Selena.
  • What Could Have Been: Oh, where do we even BEGIN...
    • The biggest one would be flying trainee Amelia, princess of Frelia. That would've changed a number of character dynamics substantially (and also made it so that you got two trainees early!) There's also Dancer Neimi, which looks absolutely fantastic - especially since the red color scheme works very well on her, and you can tell in the final product that she got kind of awkwardly palette-shifted late in development when Tethys' new design was finalized and she was repurposed as an archer.
    • Saleh was supposed to appear much earlier, actually, and even kills the chapter boss (Novala) himself! See info here.
    • Morva was supposed to be travelling with Myrrh.