Trivia / Counter Monkey

  • Accidentally Accurate: In "Nightstake", Spoony says that for his Vampire game, he made up a sort of "black ops" Catholic order called the Order of St. Benedict V, then admits that he's not Catholic and just drew inspiration for the name from Benedict Arnold. There actually was a Pope Benedict V, but on the other hand he was only Pope for just over a month and didn't do anything of note other than having the Papal Staff cracked over his head.
  • Executive Meddling: Spoony thinks this was in effect in the book for "The Apocalypse Stone". To summarize: A demon who's pissed off at the party sets it up so they enter a friendly-looking tavern and eat some pork buns (or rather, LONG pork buns); however, the text encourages the DM to fudge things so the players don't actually eat them. The fudging doesn't make sense (and would actually makes the players more suspicious) and completely contradicts the rest of the story (which has the demon leave a note for the players where he reveals the buns' "secret ingredient"), so Spoony figures an editor threw in the text as an "escape hatch" without the original writers' knowledge.
  • Name's the Same: The Big Mike from the 2012 D 20 Live event is not the same Big Mike as Spoony's days roleplaying at the game store.