Trivia / Classic Game Room

  • Colbert Bump: The BJ theme. Take a look at the this video and the date uploaded. Then look at the comments.
  • Channel Hop: Three times. First, Mark stopped uploading to YouTube and announced that he was only going to upload new episodes to Dailymotion after an incident with YouTube's content ID system occurred. He moved back to YouTube when these problems were sorted out. Then, he decided to reboot the series on Amazon Prime and dub it Classic Game Room 2085, with him no longer uploading new videos on YouTube.
  • Missing Episode: Some of the original Game Room episodes are neither on the YouTube channel or on the DVD.
  • No Budget: The original run was done on a weekly budget of $50.
  • Playing Against Type: From the director of Expo: Magic of the White City narrated by Gene Wilder!