Funny: Classic Game Room

  • Hayzoos, The Coked-Up Chicken announcing Classic Game Room's 10 best games of 2010. Cosmic Carnage comes in second.
    Classic Game Room! Gam- no, fuck it. I don't like that. No, that's stupid. Who wrote this shit? Fuck you!
  • Mark's review of Gamer Grub performance snack. Now your food won't ruin your controllers and your controllers won't ruin your food.
    How about a banana? Well, that sounds great. Look at this banana. It has a peel on the outside so you don't get your hands all messy when you eat it, but it's yellow. And what [else is] yellow? Cowards.
  • The Storybook Workshop review where Mark plays with the voice changers and reads Little Red Riding Hood.
  • The important life message at the end of Enduro Racer.
  • CGRundertow's Tweet Sack. A semi-regular feature where Derek answers questions tweeted by followers on Twitter and Clone!Derek trolling him.
  • Calling Joust "Bird Ass".
  • The end of the SEGA Power Strip review.
  • His review of Metal Gear Solid 4 starts with him playing the game properly. Then he says "I don't like to play like that", and Snake unleashes carnage.
  • In the Super Monaco GP 2 review, he just suddenly hits the flagman and sends him flying. This is something you can actually do in the game, it turns out.
  • "Playing Valkyria Chronicles reminds me of the time I seduced a space mermaid with my Atari collection."
  • Mark's Madden NFL 25 review brings gems such as:
    "Some other features include sharing your scores or whatever on Facebook! And menus that have lots and lots of options. I kind of miss the simplicity of the Sega Genesis days. Back then, you couldn't share on Facebook. Because the Genesis didn't waste its time with that crap."
    "Rip his leg off and stab him with it!"
    "How hard can this be?! You're professional football players! Do your job! Stay out of jail and practice football!"
  • Mark doing a live action parody of GTA V.
  • The review of My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow on CGR Undertow wasn't afraid to take a jab at the the current fanbase.
    Derek: ♪My Little Pony, My Little Pony!♪ You know I- You know I used to wonder what friendship could be too... (beat) Thing is, this game actually came out before the new series. So if you're hopin' for the... modern-looking, rebooted ponies, well I'm sorry to report that these ponies are the old ponies. I- I didn't know a pony could be rebooted. Just goes to show, you should never question Hasbro!
  • The entirety of the Barney's Hide & Seek review, especially with Mark holding Derek at gunpoint with an NES Zapper and forcing him to dance.