Trivia: Cat Power

  • Creator Backlash: Marshall hates the version of "He War" that appeared on You Are Free. The version she wanted was Stones-y and recorded with a live band.
  • Creator Breakdown: Moon Pix.
  • Doing It for the Art: Subverted. Marshall was initially making music because her friends were musicians. Also, playing shows would let her and her friends get wasted.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • While he doesn't provide hyperspeed tempos or manic fills, that's still Steve Shelley on her first two albums.
    • Matt Sweeney from Zwan plays guitar on "Salty Dog" from The Covers Record, and on Jukebox.
    • On You Are Free, Dave Grohl plays drums on "Shaking Paper, "He War" and "Speak for Me" (where he also adds bass), Eddie Vedder does additional vocals on "Good Woman" and "Evolution" and Warren Ellis (not that one) plays violin on "Good Woman". And to top it all, the album was engineered and produced by Adam Kasper, a pretty well known Alternative Rock producer.
    • The Greatest has guitars by Teenie Hodges and bass by his brother Leroy. You might know them from their work with Al Green. Teenie returned on Jukebox as well.
  • Name's The Same: Cat Power shares her name with a wrestler.
  • Throw It In: According to Moon Pix's engineer Matt Voigt (again), the echo added to the drums on "Cross Bones Style" was meant to cover up egregious timing mistakes - Marshall recorded the guitars first without a click-track, requiring the drummer to play along as best as he could.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Marshall auditioned to be in the cast for Saturday Night Live!
    • Sun originally consisted of songs that were similar to her old sound. When a friend pointed it out, Marshall scrapped the recordings because she didn't want to sound like "sad Cat Power".