Trivia / Cast Away

  • California Doubling : The movie was filmed on one of the small uninhabited islands belonging to Fiji, even though the movie's island is supposed to lie somewhere south of the Cook islands (which are very close to Fiji).
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Because of the dramatic change in appearance Tom Hanks needed to pull off for this movie, production was divided into two blocks. Prior to the first block, Hanks gained weight in order to make the subsequent weight loss seem even more dramatic. After the first block was completed, the production took a break so that Hanks could lose 30 pounds, grow out his hair and beard, and gain a deep tan to show before the second block started production. Hanks has attributed his later diagnosis with Type-II Diabetes with the weight loss he went through for this film.
  • Real Person Cameo/As Himself: The founder and CEO of FedEx, Fred W. Smith, plays himself in the scene where he welcomes Chuck back to the company after he returns to civilization. The scene was filmed at FedEx's actual headquarters in Memphis.
  • The Red Stapler: Wilson Sporting Goods made and sold Wilsons.