Trivia / Carnosaur

  • Fan Nickname: "Carnosaurs" for the second movie, due to its plot being extremely similar to another sequel with a plural title.
  • Prop Recycling: The marines' uniforms in Carnosaur 3 are the same urban camouflage BDUs from The Rock. An in-series example is the Tyrannosaurus rex prop, that was reused movie to movie. By the time it was used for "Eden Formula", you can tell the prop has degraded.
  • Science Marches On: While reasonably accurate for its day (The book, not the movie, there is nothing remotely accurate about the movie), Carnosaur is still over 30 years old, so....
    • Deinonychus is portrayed as featherless, using its claws like scythes. We now know that deinonychosaurs had feathers and used their toe claws as hooks.
    • It is now known that plesiosaurs do not hatch from eggs and cannot lift their necks above water.
    • It used to be thought that some theropods could be at least partially quadrupedal, and the Atispinax (now named Becklespinax) is portrayed as such in the novel. This is now seen as anatomically impossible, with the exception of Spinosaurus, which, despite also having the word spine in its name, is of no relation to Becklespinax.
    • Back when the novel was written, several of the featured dinosaurs (namely Tyrannosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Megalosaurus, and Altispinax) would have been considered carnosaurs, as it was thought at the time that all large theropods were fairly closely related. Carnosauria has recently been redefined as Allosaurus and its close relatives, leaving Altispinax as the only actual carnosaur in the book.
    • Inversion: At the time the novel was written, Scolosaurus was thought to be a synonym for Euolocephalus. Later in 2013, Scolosaurus turned out to be its own valid genus after all.