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Trivia: Can't Hardly Wait
  • Hey, It's That Guy!/Retroactive Recognition: This film is one enormous parade of this. Practically half the cast, from the main group to the one-scene side characters, went on to bigger things afterward.
    • Melinda Gordon dated Carlisle Cullen in high school.
    • And Claire and Oz were childhood friends.
    • Sabrina wants you to sign her yearbook.
    • El Wray is one of Mike's jock friends.
    • Jason Segel is the stoner kid licking the watermelon.
    • Joy Darville-Turner is one of the jocks' girlfriends.
    • Liz Sherman is one of the Girls Mike Hits On.
    • Amber Benson originally had a role, though all of her scenes were deleted from the original cut. She can be seen stroking a banana in one scene, looking mesmerized by it. Her character's name was supposed to be "Stoned Girl" according to IMDB.
    • Chris Turk is the drummer for Lovebürger, and Breckin Meyer is the lead singer. Both men were later members of Du Jour, too.
    • The Shermanator steals everything that isn't nailed down.

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