Trivia / Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1E1 "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

  • Completely Different Title:
    • French: "Bienvenue ā Sunnydale, partie 1" (Welcome to Sunnydale, part 1)
    • Portuguese: "Bem Vinda ā Boca do Inferno" (Welcome to the Hellmouth)
    • Finnish: "Ystäviä ja paholaisia osa 1" (Friends and demons part 1)
    • Spanish (Spain and Latin America): "La Cosecha, Parte 1" (The Harvest, Part 1)
    • Italian: "Benvenuti al college" (Welcome to college)
    • Icelandic: "Velkomin til Vítismunnsins" (''Welcome to the Hellmouth")
    • German: "Das Zentrum des Bösen" (The Center of Evil)
  • Deleted Scene: This exchange was cut because of the length:
    Mr. Flutie:"Oh! Buffy! Uh, what do you want?"
    Buffy:"Um, is there a guy in there that's dead?"
    Mr. Flutie: - "Where did you hear that? Okay. Yes. But he's not a student! Not currently."
    Buffy: - "Do you know how he died?"
    Mr. Flutie: - "What?"
    Buffy: - "I mean - how could this have happened?"
    Mr. Flutie: - "Well, that's for the police to determine when they get here. But this structure is safe, we have inspectors, and I think there's no grounds for a lawsuit."
    Buffy: - "Was there a lot of blood? Was there any blood?"
    Mr. Flutie: - "I would think you wouldn't want to involve yourself in this kind of thing."
    Buffy: - "I don't. Could I just take a peek?"
    Mr. Flutie: - "Unless you already are involved..."
    Buffy: - "Never mind."
    Mr. Flutie: - "Buffy, I understand this is confusing. You're probably feeling a lot right now. You should share those feelings. With someone else."
  • The Other Marty: In the unaired pilot, Riff Regan played Willow, but apparently she was never intended to play the series character, just a stand in for the "proof of concept" pilot. Also Stephen Tobolowski as Principal Flutie.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Remember ska? It's blasting in the background as we pan on our first shot of Sunnydale High School.
  • What Could Have Been: The Master was originally supposed to rise from a pool of blood and be covered with the blood for the entire episode; this was abandoned after being discovered to be too difficult to create.
  • Write What You Know: Whedon says in the commentary that much of his high school experience is recreated as the hell that is Sunnydale High. Xander's awkwardness is an expy of himself at that age, as is Jesse's. Jesse and Cordy's interaction at the Bronze is directly from his high school experience.
    Jesse: You wanna dance?
    Cordelia: [sneer] With you?