Trivia / Bon Jovi

  • Banned in China: The band was supposed to perform in Beijing and Shanghai but were cancelled by Chinese authorities, possibly due to using the Dalai Lama as a backdrop for a few seconds when "We Weren't Born to Follow" was performed during The Circle Tour in 2010, five years prior to the tour that would have landed them there.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Who Says You Can't Go Home" somehow crossed over to Country Music radio (helped in part by duet vocals from Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland), making Bon Jovi the first rock act to have a #1 country hit.
  • Creator Backlash: The band hated how 7800° Fahrenheit turned out. Songs from the album have only been played a handful of times live since its release.
  • He Also Did: Besides playing keyboards for the band, David Bryan is a Tony Award-winning musician; he wrote the music and lyrics for Memphis and the musical adaptation of The Toxic Avenger.
  • Invisible Advertising: Aside from lyric videos of all tracks note  of Burning Bridges and the Asian mini-tour that followed, Word of God has it that the album received little promotion as it was meant to fulfill a contractual obligation with Mercury Records and was going to be their last release under the label.
  • No Export for You: Two of their compilations, Hard and Hot and Tokyo Road: Best of Bon Jovi were exclusive to Australia and Japan, respectively.
    • Japan gets a lot of country-exclusive material from the band. Heck, the band invoked this trope as early as 1984 by making "Burning for Love" as a Japan-only single!
  • Old Shame: Jon's first professional credit was as a singer on the track "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas" on the Star Wars Christmas album, Christmas in the Stars.
    • He's also embarrassed by the video for "Runaway."
    Jon Bon Jovi: "I hate videos. If you wanted to torture me you'd tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos. Five times you're chump before you learn what you're doing. The first time we'd just made a record and we were all excited and some a—hole decides we're going to make a video for 'Runaway.' So instead of making it about what the song's about, he decides to put a concept to it with his little niece in it. It's the worst piece of s—t I ever saw in my life. There's a girl with like fire coming out of her eyes. They dressed the band. Richie's wearing a jumpsuit and shoes that are three sizes too big. They kept squirting us down with this greasy solution to make it look like we were sweating. We all look like assholes."
  • The Pete Best: Hugh McDonald, the current bass player, played on "Runaway." Afterwards, Alec John Such became the bassist, then after the latter was sacked in 1994, McDonald replaced him. He has also claimed to have played in every Bon Jovi album except for 7800° Farenheit.
    • A lesser example: Richie Sambora isn't the band's first guitarist, Dave Sabo is.
  • What Could Have Been: The country version of "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was originally planned as a duet with Keith Urban, who as also to play banjo on it. However, Jon Bon Jovi thought that Urban's voice was too close to his own.
    • New Jersey was originally envisioned as a double album called Sons of Beaches. The demos for that album were released as the second disc for the New Jersey Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions in 2014.
    • Sex Sells began as Jon's solo album slated for release in 1999, but many of the songs were re-recorded with the band. The working title would later be changed into One Wild Night (which would be later used on their live album in 2001). Three of the tracks made in onto Crush which would be released a year later. The posters advertising Sex Sells can be seen throughout the music video of Real Life.
    • "They're recording tonight's show for a part of our live album which is gonna be next."
  • Word of God: Producer John Shanks revealed on Twitter that he played the guitars on Burning Bridges, as the album doesn't come with any credits. They did list the credits on the band's website a week after the release though.
    • Phil X has stated over Twitter that he did not play on This House Is Not For Sale's Title Track. John Shanks did.