Trivia / Blood That Flows

  • Actor Allusion: Lina talks how she can go fast on her bike, fast enough to get the attention of flying machines.
    • Arisa's Holy power manifests in a way that she has flaming wings and a sword of fire that's blue instead of red.
    • Hayate ends up facing down a Mazoku who goes by the name of "Archer", and Fate ends up facing down a Mazoku named "Mokka" during the Red arc of the story. Hayate lampshades the situation against her opponent, of course.
    • Lina's cell phone has Get Along as her ring tone.
    • In Revolution, Corona ends up facing a mazoku that has a resemblance to Nanaya, complete with a knife and a crazed look.
    • In Revolution Ixpellia gets her hands on a rebuilt Blessed Blade that absorbs the negative energy that Mazoku produce and purifies it. She then uses that to pull an attack that's similar to Excalibur.
  • Fan Nickname: Reinirvana: Anytime Reinforce Zwei does something incredibly cute, you can feel your troubles just melt away.
  • Schedule Slip: Comparatively speaking, when the author was posting at his peak, he was getting two to three, and sometimes up to five chapters a day done. The posting speed has dropped to maybe two to four times a week at best.

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