Quotes / Blood That Flows

Quotes from the Fan Fic Blood That Flows.

Lina: Those attacks weren't bad, little girl, but I've known insane third rate sorcerers who could do better than that.
Lina Inverse Takamachi, taking measure of Fate Tessarosa's abilities.

Lina: I'm Lina Takamachi, and you'll see why I was called the Enemy of All Who Lives!
Lina declaring her opposition to the Book of Darkness.

Nanoha: For everything that's happened in the past...
Lina: For all the lives that were lost fighting you...
Nanoha: For the sake of the future that we wish to live...
Lina: Take this!
Nanoha: All of our sorrow...
Lina: Our love...
Nanoha: And all of our friendship!
Lina and Nanoha taking a page out of G Gundam

Lina: Hey! Phibrizzo-wannabe! I've gone up against worse than you before, and I always came through, simply because I have friends and family waiting for me.
Lina still being defiant against Death Bringer Garoth

Zelgadis: I won't be used as an anchor ever again!
Amelia: I think Mr. Zelgadis is too happy.
Zelgadis, after taking human form for the first time

Gourry: What did you do? Go on a date with her and run out on the bill?
Xellos: I've never seen her before in my life. She's just upset because of what happened a thousand years ago.
Gourry: Huh, so you ran out on her mother then! Really, Xellos, running out on a date is bad enough, but a pregnant lady, that's just wrong.
Amelia: Really, Mr. Xellos! I know that you've been mortal enemies with Dragons for your life, but leaving a pregnant Dragon in the lurch is not only wrong, it's pure evil! I, Amelia Wil Tesla Seiryuun, will not stand for such an act!
Gourry on trying to understanding the tension between Filia and Xellos

Lina: Sylphiel... If you swing that way... I'm pretty sure that we can find you some girls that won't mind you feeling them up.
Lina, after Sylphiel feels her up in order to detect the damage to Lina's body.

Lina: SHEE! I think my husband's culture perverted me or something!
Lina's comments after telling off Lyos that she and Sylphiel will not kiss!

Lindy: Really, Chrono, I know that she's pretty, but you really shouldn't be trying anything with her.
Chrono: But, I'm...
Fate: And I thought he was a nice boy. (to Nanoha) Waaah! He just wants to see me naked.
Nanoha: There, there, Fate-chan. I'm sure that the naughty pervert won't do anything while we're looking. (pause) But then again... He has all those binds, he could just bind you up and do naughty things to you when you can't fight back.
The aftermath of Chrono being caught in another compromising position with Filia

Lina: I swear, at the rate this is going, there's going to be at least one girl kissing me before this adventure's over.
Lina after Amelia feels her up

Reinforce Eins: Now then... Iron Hammer Knight Vita... I'd rather... You stop trying to get into Hayate's pants.
Vita: I...
Reinforce Eins: You have your own room now, you need to use it. I'll get you a large stuffed bunny if you need to sleep with someone, but I share Hayate's bed and I'd like to keep her romantic involvements with anyone to a minimum.
Reinforce laying down the law on Vita's sleeping arrangements.

Hospital Nurse: You can see your wife now.
Chrono: She's not my wife!
Hopistal Nurse: Oh? I apologize, most men wouldn't bring in a woman when her baby is being born and convince them to see a doctor as well. I guess I was wrong, I'm sorry.
The trials of Chrono bringing Filia and the egg of Val to a hospital

Due: Darn frowny face...
Tre: What about my face? I might not smile that much, Due, but you don't need to point it out all the time.
Due: Meh, you're just frowning all the time. One of these days I'm going to tie you down and torture you until you stop frowning.
Due being unhappy with Tre looking unhappy

Fate: Nanoha! Just what happened? Mom said not to destroy stuff unless we're training or under attack. There better have been a robbery or something.
Nanoha: Uh, no, I was just sparring... Really, I kept it simple... Kind of...
Raising Heart: You went Assault Mode on an old lady.
Nanoha: You traitor!
Nanoha getting outed for going overboard

Xellos: And I thought I did a good job too... I killed bunnies! Humans LOVE bunnies! I erased an entire continent's worth of rabbits!
Xellos, wondering why the continent of Australia is happy with his rabbit removal.

Hayate: Didn't I tell you before? You're not a book, a weapon, or a cursed tome, you are a member of my family. A sword is a weapon, a book is a book, this ship is a weapon, you... You are Reinforce Yagami, a member of my family with Vita, Zafira, Signum and Shamal, you are the mother of our child, Reinforce Zwei Yagami.
Hayate comforting Reinforce

Zest: Seems that your report of this country being on the brink of a civil war wasn't far from the mark.
Amelia: Uh huh. That's why it's so important to show them the power of true justice and put a stop to the horrors of a civil war before it takes off. I'm sure that if we talk to the king, he'll be persuaded by the power of justice to turn into a benevolent ruler and lead his people to a new golden age.
Zest: Uh huh... And the power of justice really worked out at that one village, didn't it?
Amelia: Sir Zest, please stop bringing that up. It was so embarrassing.
Amelia's Noodle Incident

Amelia: It feels like another adventure coming to an end, but there were no Dragon Slaves to kick the adventure off to begin with.
Zelgadis: You're right. There wasn't a single Dragon Slave in this entire adventure, no wonder it felt weird.
Lampshade Hanging the lack of a Once a Season explosion from a Dragon Slave.

Well, boss? I dunno if you can hit the girl with boobs.
We're getting our butts kicked by a girl with PMS, boss!
Hey, boss, I think she wears a thong.
Boss, next time you want to find out what panties she has on, I suggest you burn the clothes off instead of making them pass out.
Got'cha boss, I think she's mad because you let that other girl rub your back with her boobs.
Nah, boss sees Miyuki without any shirt on all the time.
His power's increasing as much as Vita's breasts have in the past year, boss!
The Best Of Thoth Driver, Yunno's Support Device

Vita: What was that?!
Reinforce Zwei: Mommy (Reinforce Eins) taught me and daddy (Hayate) Nanoha's Starlight Breaker.
Vita: ...This is going to sound stupid, but what reason could she have had to teach you the Starlight Breaker?!
Reinforce Zwei: Self Defense.
Vita and Reinforce Zwei after Reinforce Zwei used Nanoha's Starlight Breaker to defeat an enemy.

Reinforce Zwei: HI DADDY!
Reinforce Zwei introducing herself to Hayate.

Caro: You called me a shrimp! I am not seafood!
Caro to Erio when they first meet.

Reinforce Eins: Why does the father of my child have to be so openly perverted?
Reinforce Eins on getting Hayate to walk again.

Nanoha: Raising Heart...
Raising Heart: Yes, my master?
Nanoha: Make sure to record what Hayate's bet is, we don't want her weaseling out on her bet.
Nanoha making sure that Hayate does give up her panties to Yunno if she loses the bet.