Trivia / Bionic Woman

  • Screwed by the Network: It was evident within a few episodes that the series was unlikely to survive a full season, but NBC nonetheless announced that production of Bionic Woman would continue at least to the half-season (13-episode) mark. Said announcement occurred after production was shut down due to the strike. Universal Home Video even put out a "Season 1 Volume 1" DVD set under the assumption more episodes would be made, and several guest cast members were announced in the media. Although the strike ended fast enough for a few more episodes to be produced, NBC ultimately reversed its previous announcement and canceled the show anyway.note 
  • Star-Derailing Role: Michelle Ryan had been considered a rising star in her native UK, and some predicted that this show would see her break through in North America. Not only did it immediately put the brakes on her attempt to get into Hollywood, but she didn't even do much of note in the UK afterwards either, other than an appearance as a one-off companion in Doctor Who.