Trivia: BASEketball

  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • One of the cameo appearances was Greg Grunberg as a player for the New York/New Jersey team.
    • Also, Trevor Einhorn as Joey.
    • Dian Bachar (who has cameos in a few South Park episodes, most notably as Satan's boyfriend, Chris) as "Squeak" Scolari.
    • Professional sportscasters Bob Costas and Al Michaels are up in the booth calling the BASEketball championships.
    • Kevin Michael Richardson as football player who finally got to play for Miami...Minnesota
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Trey Parker uses some of his South Park voices.
    • As Tweek's dad:
      "Once. But that... was a long time ago."
    • As Mr. Garrison:
      "I forgot how much Doug Remer cares about kids."
    • As Eric Cartman
      "Hey, you guys, seriously, I'm fucking fat!"
  • Old Shame: Trey and Matt have made it well known that they don't want to be solely recognized as "those guys from Baseketball" despite that nobody knows them by that nowadays. (Instead, they're known as "the guys behind South Park"). The season eight South Park episode "The Passion of the Jew" even had a line where Stan tells Kenny that it's their right to get a refund after seeing a bad movie (in this case, The Passion of the Christ) because they didn't get one for seeing Baseketball.