Trivia / Asteroids

  • Follow the Leader:
    • Meteors, a shameless near-exact copy for the Acorn Archimedes 7000.
    • Also, Astrosmash for the Intellivision started out as a clone of Asteroids called Meteor! (and the original version can still be found hidden within the final version of the game, though there's no way to reliably get it to appear).
      • The later Intellivision game Space Hawk was then built on top of the Meteor! code, changing it just enough for the legal department to approve (which seemed to mostly involve removing the actual asteroids, making it about shooting alien ships instead).
    • Comet Busters!, a Windows 3.1 clone that added simultaneous multiplayer, which ended up being its most popular trait. The clone status was lampshaded in its help file, describing the game as "based upon the popular game A*teroids" and opening the rules section with "Rules!?!? Don't tell me you haven't seen this game before...!"
  • Port Overdosed: As with many classic arcade games, Asteroids has appeared on an enormous number of platforms, and is frequently included in compilations.