Trivia / All That Jazz

  • Actor Allusion: Ben Vereen's turn as creepy variety show host O'Connor Flood is extremely close to his role as the Leading Player in Pippin.
    • Cliff Gorman's Davis Newman, besides being a Take That to Dustin Hoffman, also references Gorman's own performance in the title role of the Broadway production of Lenny.
  • AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals: #14
  • Creator Breakdown: Leading to a heart attack which the real Bob Fosse survived, but Expy Joe Gideon doesn't. Fosse would die of a heart attack eight years later, however.
  • The Other Darrin: Sandahl Bergman replaced Cheryl Clark during filming when Clark refused to take her top off for "Airotica."
  • Production Posse: Several regular Fosse dancers crop up here, including Ann Reinking, Ben Vereen, and Sandahl Bergman.
  • Troubled Production: NY/LA, thanks to Gideon's impending Author Existence Failure.
    • The film itself, which went well over its budget, much to the fury of the studio. The finale as it stands was a quick compromise to avert further Executive Meddling.